Entry into Jerusalem – First Sights

I grew up in a culturally diverse Maryland suburban area of Washington, D.C., and have a significant number of Jewish friends I have known since childhood, some of who’s bar or bat mitzvahs I attended. I also attended Shabbat services, Purim parties, interfaith dialogue, and educational sessions and political discussions about peace with justice in the Middle East as a student at Oberlin College. A year with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps serving two churches in Omaha, NE made me realize I wanted to attend seminary and pursue ordained ministry. With these life experiences, and after two years of seminary studies, including Biblical language learning and studies, I am so glad and excited that I have finally arrived in this land which is called holy, to experience its holy places, meet its people, and learn its stories. Even though I just landed in Tel Aviv yesterday and I have a lot to learn and experience, I am anticipating that my experience here for the next two weeks will positively enhance my going forward as a Christian educator, preacher, and church leader, and as a person of faith engaged in the world. I’m looking forward to finding out exactly how. Continue reading